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Pool Routes Warranty


Replacement Accounts Guaranteed

What Happens if I lose a swimming pool service account?

By far and wide, pool service customers are pleased when they find a good service provider. This means that these customers usually do not want to give up this new and valuable commodity (i.e., a great pool service provider). Having said this, however, there are occasions when customers sometimes have to stop the service. When this occurs, it can be classified into two categories.

Category one

This includes factors beyond the control of the pool service provider (e.g., the customer moves and the new owner doesn’t want to continue the service).

Category two

When the customer is unhappy with the service being provided (e.g., the pool service provider engages in poor professional behaviors such as refusing to quit speaking loudly on his/her phone when in the customer’s backyard).

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We replace accounts as described below if they were lost for category one factors. 

Account Replacement Policy

Accounts lost for no service, unreliable or poor service, or unprofessional service will not be replaced.

All accounts lost for any other reason within 60 days of being secured will be replaced

Account Replacement Policy and Procedure:

Within 24 hours, management must be informed that an account was lost via a phone or in-person conversation. This avoids any communication error and allows staff at Superior Point, inc. to determine whether it is possible to recover the account.

Procedures for Excessive Cancellations:​

If the total accounts lost reaches a total of 5% of accounts purchased, a one hour strategy session will be held on the phone or in one of our offices. This strategy session will be to discuss the best method for starting the pool service and communicating with customers. This strategy session must be held within 4 days after reaching the 5% loss. A new strategy meeting as described above must take place again if total accounts loss reaches 7.5% of accounts purchased and , then again, if total accounts loss reach 10% of accounts purchased. if any of those strategy sessions do not occur within 4 days after crossing the percent threshold, then ay accounts lost after the4 days will not be replaced. However, as soon as the required strategy session takes place, any accounts lost after the strategy session will once again be covered under the remainder of their guarantee period.

Procedures for Replacements:​

For procedural purposes, any lost accounts that require replacement will be logged and replacements given after the completion of the original accounts being supplied. All replacement accounts will be the same areas that the original accounts were in and will be replaced within a maximum of 60 days.

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