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Pool Routes:
Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How do I get started?

Choose a zip code central to where you would like your accounts. Decide how many accounts you want. Call us and a representative will be able to look at the data where you want the accounts and work with you to select a list of the zip codes where you would get all the accounts for your purchase order. We will then create a purchase order and have you fill out an application to be an affiliate. There are no costs or long term obligations to being an affiliate, but you must run a professional pool service and follow our policies during the period we are getting you accounts and through the warranty period.

How do you get so many new accounts?

Our team has over 30 years of experience. We have spent millions on our advertising campaigns and have set up over 25,000 customers for pool service. Our experience in this is unmatched in the pool service Industry.

Do you give me leads?

No, we do not give leads. We give you accounts. When we give you an account we have already reviewed all the terms of service with the customer and the customer is expecting you to begin service. All you have to do is start servicing the pool and email the customer a statement.

What is the average monthly billing for customers?

This depends on the local area, with most of Florida averaging about $100 monthly, however, Jacksonville and the panhandle average $140.00. Texas averages $150.00 in most areas. Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California average about $115.00 monthly. These charges do not include Filter Cleanings and Salt Cell Cleaning.

What happens if you don’t get all the accounts?

This is almost impossible. With our experience, we do not offer purchase orders that we are not extremely confident we can compete in a timely manner. Most purchase orders are completed within 75 days. In any case, you will only be required to pay for the accounts received.

Do you collect any fees after I purchase the accounts?

No. We have no fees. We do offer many services to our affiliates including subscriptions to our software, repair services, consulting, and more.

How is this different from buying an existing route?

Essentially, we sell routes that are very similar to an established route, but the process is much different. You will receive your accounts over a period of about 60 days rather than all at once. The advantages of using our services are you can get the accounts where you want them, the pools will be close together (provided you are not in a rural area) and you will be able to establish a good relation with your customers. Furthermore, most clients find it easier to adjust to a new pool route over a few weeks, rather than starting all the new customers on their first week. Lastly, we have a strong warranty on our accounts and offer comprehensive professional training and ongoing unlimited support.

Do I have to be an affiliate to purchase accounts?

Yes, but there are no financial obligations with us and you can end your relationship at any time after we have completed your purchase order. The only obligations you have are to adhere to some basic policies and a level of professionalism to ensure that customers are treated fairly. As long as you are an affiliate, we have many services available to help you grow your pool company and achieve your highest goals.

What if I have no experience?

You do not need experience. We offer comprehensive training and support. See our training section for more.

Do the customers pay me directly?

Yes, you will bill all your customers, receive all payments directly to you and service and operate the accounts under your company name.

Do I have to use your billing software?

Our software, EZ Pool Biller, is the way we will supply your accounts to you. You will access the software online and your new accounts will already be entered including all the customer’s information, billing, start date, etc. We will need you to subscribe at a cost of $19.95 monthly, however, you do not have to use our software after we have provided all your accounts to you. However, most affiliates do continue to use EZ Pool Biller because it is excellent software specifically tailored for the pool service business.

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Specific Location Questions

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