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Pool Routes: Training

Need Some Training?

Whether you’re new to the swimming pool industry or maybe just a bit out of practice – we can help you.


Quality swimming pool professionals are in MAJOR demand!

At first glance, this might sound like an overstatement, but ask yourself this? How many times do you hear people say something like , “I’ve got a great AC guy” or “My car guy is the best” to their friends or family. 
Why? Because finding quality people to provide needed services can be tough and we are all happy when we find someone “Good”. 
But here’s the good news, you can easily be that person that people are always referring to as their “Great Pool Person”!

Get on the Fast Track to be a Swimming Pool Expert

Being a swimming pool maintenance expert requires knowing the FOUR key components of Pool Maintenance.

Knowing how the circulation system functions

Understanding the pool circulation system is key to maintaining a clean pool. The system works by moving water through a pump and filter, removing debris and contaminants. This process ensures even chemical distribution, prevents algae growth, and maintains water balance. Regular maintenance extends equipment lifespan and ensures a safe swimming environment.

Understanding basic pool water chemistry

Understanding basic pool water chemistry is essential for a safe and clean swimming environment. Key elements include pH levels, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Proper balance prevents algae growth, equipment corrosion, and skin irritation. Regular testing and adjustments ensure water remains safe, clear, and inviting for swimmers.

Being familiar with the three types of pool filters

Being familiar with the three types of pool filters is crucial for effective pool maintenance. The three types are sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. Sand filters are easy to maintain and cost-effective, cartridge filters offer finer filtration and are simple to clean, while DE filters provide the most thorough filtration. Understanding these options helps in choosing the right filter for your pool’s needs.

Know the five steps to clean the pool and keep it looking great.

Knowing the five steps to clean your pool keeps it looking great. First, skim debris from the surface. Second, brush the walls and floor. Third, vacuum the pool. Fourth, check and balance the water chemistry. Finally, clean the filter regularly. Following these steps ensures a sparkling, inviting pool.


Fortunately, all four of these components can be learned quickly and easily.

In no time at all you will be the pool expert that everyone is looking for!

Field Training

We offer in the field training in both Fort Lauderdale, FL and Dallas, TX. Don’t worry! if you don’t live in either of these states, we can easily fly you in and put you in a hotel for a robust and comprehensive three day training on all the ins and outs you need to know. In fact, if you are purchasing 50 or more accounts from us, this will be provided to you for absolutely FREE.

Virtual Training

We also offer virtual training through video or phone chat instruction. We have found this to be extremely effective at sharpening the basic skills you may already possess. All account packages come with standard virtual training which includes three (3) one hour video conference calls. if you feel you may want greater support, you can always purchase virtual training packages as an add on.

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With either package, you will be limited to no more than three video conference calls per week.

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Unlock all the benefits of our Field Training or Virtual Training plan for free when you purchase 50+ pool service accounts.
Virtual training package one $495
(5) 60 minute video conference calls
Virtual training package two $895
(10) 60 minute video conference calls

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Investing in a pool route with Superior Pool Routes means more than just purchasing accounts; it’s about securing your future with the right knowledge and skills. Our comprehensive training ensures you’re well-equipped to thrive in the pool service industry.

Visit our How It Works page and Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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