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Pool Routes: How It Works

Discover Your Perfect Pool Route Today!

Tailored Routes Just for You!

Looking for the ideal pool route? Look no further! We offer customized pool routes designed to perfectly fit your specific location and needs AND we build your route fast!


Choose Your Ideal Location

Select your desired area by cities or zip codes to create the most convenient route for you.

Decide Your Account Load

Determine exactly how many accounts you want to manage. You’re in control!

Simple Purchase Process

We’ll generate a purchase order detailing the number of accounts, total monthly billing for services and chemicals, and the specific cities or zip codes included.

Seamless Order Confirmation

Sign your purchase order effortlessly through Docusign and secure your route with a $500 deposit.

Expert Training Available

Our professional trainers are ready to provide comprehensive training to ensure you’re fully prepared to start maintaining your pools.

Accounts Delivered Quick

Within just two weeks, you’ll begin receiving accounts. We continuously deliver new accounts multiple times a week, ensuring you have all your accounts, typically within 60 days, guaranteed within 90 days.

Superior Pool Routes Warranty and Guarantee

If you lose an account for any reason other than poor service in the first 60 days, your account will be replaced with another account. We work closely with you from the beginning to the end, assuring you end up with a nice route. 

How our “Getting Customers” Service Works

What you will get

Getting your customers to you is a simple and seamless process. Below, we list the five stages that will take you from start to finish in getting all of your accounts to you, nice and smoothly.

Stage 1

Once the specific area has been chosen where your swimming pool accounts will be located, your purchase order has been approved, and your deposit received, our order fulfillment team begins getting your accounts. In most cases, your accounts will begin to arrive within 7 to 14 days.

Stage 2

During that initial period of 7 to 14 days before you get your first accounts, you will need to subscribe (just $19.95 monthly) or purchase EZ Pool Biller. You will then receive a 30 minute phone lesson on how to use EZ Pool Biller software. This is necessary whether you choose to bill with EZ Pool Biller or not as you will receive all your new customers’ information via EZ Pool Biller. Remember, EZ Pool Biller is cloud software, so you will be able to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. If you decide not to use EZ Pool Biller to bill your customers, you can cancel your subscription as soon as you have received all your accounts.

Stage 3

When the first pool service customer account(s) arrive, you will receive a phone call from one of our team members. During this phone call, it will be confirmed that you are sucessfully able to log into your EZ Pool Biller account. You will then be given the name of your first customer(s) and you will see all of the necessary information for that customer such as their address, phone number(s), start date, etc.

Stage 4

From this point forward as new customers are obtained, you will be informed that they have been added to your account into EZ Pool Biller via a phone call or text message based on your preference (i.e., text or phone call). It is important that if you choose to be notified by text of new customers that you always reply with a conformation reply text as sometimes text messages do not arrive and we need to be sure you got our message.

Stage 5

This process continues until you have received all your accounts which is usually 6-8 weeks for about 50 to 70 customers.