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Pool Routes: Is It Right For Me?

Is the Swimming Pool Maintenance Industry Right for me?

Picture yourself lounging in the sunshine around a beautiful swimming pool enjoying a margarita or maybe some chicken wings. Ok, now strip away the margarita and chicken wings and instead of lounging, you are doing some light physical work. Bam, this is it. 

You have some mental picture of how it will be. Yes, you do have to work, but most of us do. 

The question is whether you want to do it in the fresh air while working by the side of a beautiful, quiet pool? Or do you want to work in a store or office where you rarely see the sunshine or perhaps with loud and dirty equipment? If you are the kind of person who enjoys a quiet and scenic work environment then swimming pools may be for you. 

Below, we try to help you get a sense of what working in pool maintenance will be like.

What is it really like to be a swimming pool cleaner?


Well, most days you will probably start your day early in the morning (e.g. maybe 7-8am). Generally speaking, you can choose your own start time and end time. A major plus here is that, if you have to take the kids to school, go to the dentist, etc. you can do this without any real difficulties. You also can choose to take a break for lunch or whatever you want, whenever you want.

Work Environment

Most of your day will be spent around the swimming pool. So, that means it should be visually appealing (note: not every pool is beautiful). Cleaning pools is peaceful as the cleaning equipment is mostly pretty quiet. Cleaning pools is also mostly very clean – you’re working with water. Though, you do have to handle some leafy material you remove from the pool and you will encounter the occasional bug. You also do have to handle the pool chemicals which can give off unpleasant smells sometimes, but this is for a very short period of time at each pool.

Schedule and Pace of the day

Most pool cleaners visit the wholesaler 2-3 times per week for supplies. Usually, this visit takes about 30-40 minutes and is usually done at the start or end of the day. Beyond getting your supplies, you mostly drive from one pool to the next(on average this might be about 5 minutes). As you have to clean multiple pools each day, you must keep a relatively quick pace of movement.

Depending on locale, your route size, etc, you may be cleaning anywhere from 10-15 pools per day so this means you do have to keep moving to be efficient. At some point during the day, you will probably have to make a few phone calls to customers. Also, about once a week or so, you will need to post payments you received whether these are credit cards, checks, etc. so, you should figure on about 30 minutes of work a week for this.

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